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Our Marketplace is situated in Camano Commons, the "Downtown of Camano Island". When you enter through our main doors, you'll be greeted with a large array of gift items suitable for yourself or a special loved one.

The Marketplace also has a large selection of Camano Island Coffee Roasters' coffee. From cocoa to fruit, to nuts, sugar, and spice — there’s a wide range of Camano Island Coffee flavors for each of us to explore. Camano Island Coffee highlights each of these amazing flavors by roasting single-origin coffees. This allows us to truly explore the “taste of place”. We only offer all-natural, organic coffee without artificial flavoring.

Organic USDASpecialty grade arabicaShade GrownFairly Traded

Camano Island Coffee

Our most popular coffee. This incredible coffee was transplanted from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica to Papua New Guinea in the 1930s. This medium roast coffee is great for morning and a mid-day pick me up

  • Strong Cocoa Notes
  • Hints of Dried fruit
  • Hints of Brown Sugar
  • Also available as a fruity light roast.

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One of our most popular coffees. Smooth flavors wrapped up in a medium body.

  • Hazelnuts
  • Hints of Caramel
  • Hints of Cinnamon
  • Also available as a nutty medium roast.

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This Central American coffee gives you a tangy light roast with sweet, citrusy flavor and a light body.

  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Hints of Cocoa
  • Also available as a chocolatey medium roast.

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This dark roast gives you a sweet flavor with a heavy body.

  • Strong Cocoa Notes
  • Hints of Almond
  • Hints of Honey
  • Also available as a nutty light roast.

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This Central American coffee is a roaster favorite.

  • Strong notes of Molasses
  • Hints of Brown Sugar
  • Hints of Cinnamon

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This earthy coffee gives you a nuanced flavor, while still being incredibly smooth. This coffee naturally has a lower caffeine content than other Arabica coffees.

  • Mixed Nuts
  • Hints of Dried Fruit
  • Hints of Caramel
  • Also available as a smoky dark roast.

Available in

Ethiopia — the birthplace of coffee. This unique coffee is a great dessert coffee.

  • Strong Blueberry Notes
  • Hints of Brown Sugar

Available in

This reserve coffee is delicious. It costs a little more, but it’s totally worth it.

  • Strong notes of Caramel
  • Hints of Red Grape
  • Hints of Cherry

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Varietal Supremo Espresso tastes like rich, sweet chocolate, buttery caramel, and a hint of spice.

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This decaf coffee tastes like sweet molasses with hints of mixed berry.

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This half caff coffee tastes like sweet molasses with hints of mixed berry.

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Gift Shop

Artisan gifts, local treasures, and the wall of Camano Island Coffee Roasters Coffee, which is roasted fresh next door!

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Learn more about the coffee we sell from Camano Island Coffee Roasters.
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