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August 14, 2019

Bonus Episode # 1: Brian Radford – General Manager and one of the owners of Tapped Public House

Brian is one the owners of Tapped Public House at Camano Commons, and he will be managing the day to day operations. He recently became an Islander after living in Seattle for more of his life. He has had extensive experience in scratch food restaurants and is ecstatic to bring his craft to Camano Commons at Tapped.

Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode:
Key Points of Interest:
  • Where did Brian start his restaurant career?
  • Find out Brian’s first management job
  • Hear about his very short stint at WSU, and bounced around many colleges
  • Finally graduated from Western and then moved to Hawaii
  • Much of his experience came from his work within the Nordstrom Restaurant
  • Brian explains his viewpoint on management vs leadership
  • Here how he was able to take a trip from Mexico to French Polynesia on a sailboat!
  • After starting with Nordstrom again, he eventually left for FareStart
  • Farestart works with people who come disadvantage pasts, and teaches then culinary skills
  • Discover what Brian is so excited to get Tapped open!
  • Get a sneak peak of what Tapped will have on the menu!
Camano Island Locations Mentioned in this Episode:

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