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July 29, 2019

#1: Jeff Ericson – Founder of Camano Island Coffee Roasters

Jeff Ericson is the founder of the hugely successful Camano Island Coffee Roasters. He also is the creator of Camano Commons as well as Camano Commons Marketplace, Frozen Xplosion, and many other businesses. But he started out in the printing industry in Tucson, Arizona. Hear his journey from printing to changing the world through coffee!


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Key Points of Interest:
  • How did Jeff get started in the printing industry?
  • What’s the story behind Camano Island Coffee Roasters?
  • Jeff decided to go direct to consumer with his coffee, but why?
  • Why was Camano Commons built?
  • Jeff sold Camano Island Coffee Roasters to his Son-in-Law, TJ Fittis, what is Jeff up to now?
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