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August 8, 2019

#3: Dan Ericson – Owner of Brand Shouter


Dan Ericson is the Owner of Brand Shouter, a local marketing company. He moved to Camano Island to help Jeff Ericson with the starting Camano Island Coffee Roasters. Here the beginnings of Camano Island Coffee Roasters, and how that experience helped him create a successful marketing company in the Stanwood/Camano Area.

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Key Points of Interest:
  • Why did Dan Ericson came to Camano Island
  • Hear what it was like in the beginnings of Camano Island Coffee Roasters
  • What is Dan’s favorite thing about Brand Shouter?
  • Find out the biggest challenges that Brand Shouter faced in the beginning
  • Dan speaks on letting customers go when you are not the right fit, even if that means leaving money on the table
  • Where is Brand Shouter going now?
  • What is Dan and his family’s favorite thing to do around the island?
  • Why did Dan start Podcasting?
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