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August 8, 2019

#4: Evan Caldwell – Reporter and Photographer for Stanwood Camano News


Evan Caldwell is a photographer and reporter for Stanwood Camano News. Being a reporter, he gets the inside scoop on the happenings around the Stanwood Camano area. Our conversation starts with how Evan got involved in news, and why he stayed with it. We also dive into some of the trends he has noticed in the Camano area.

Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode:
Key Points of Interest:
  • Find out how Evan got involved in news reporting, and why he stuck with it
  • We also jump into what it was like to be part of newspaper industry at the turn of the industry
  • Hear how the Newspaper scene has changed since the recession
  • Evan’s advice on why you have to become “Backpack” Journalist to survive in News
  • How Evan got involved with Stanwood Camano News
  • We talk about why Stanwood and Camano School systems aren’t growing as fast as locals think
  • I also ask Evan what are his interview tips to help me perform better interviews 🙂
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