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August 8, 2019

#5:Leslie Moore – Manager of Sno-Isle Regional Library on Camano Island


Leslie Moore has spent her entire career, minus a short stint as a chemist, in the Library field. And she is a wealth of knowledge of the entire Library system. She is passionate about helping youth get their hands on books, and community building.

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Key Points of Interest:
  • Leslie was working in the library back when card catalogs were a thing!
  • Learn about her journey through many different libraries
  • Hear what it was like being a librarian as the age of information took hold
  • Discover how Sno-Isle Library has going on here on Camano Island
  • Find out how many books a month that Leslie goes through a month
  • How does Leslie judge books, and decide what to read next?
  • Leslie has a fantastic answer to what makes a book great!
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