#51: Board of Directors - Hope Unlimited


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Episode Summary:

Unlimited works on abolishing modern day slavery and human trafficking. The board of directors reached out to me. To help get their message out, and they had some great information concerning slavery, even in our area. Plus, how to keep our kids safe and things to be aware of.

Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode:

Key Points of Interest:

  • What is the background of Joel, Norma, and Lynda?
  • How did Joel become the Executive Director of Hope Unlimited?
  • Where is Joel from?
  • What is Norma’s background?
  • Where has she traveled?
  • Find out Lynda’s background as well
  • How did Hope Unlimited change from mainly chaplain aid to fighting mode day slavery?
  • How does Hope Unlimited assist in stopping Modern Day Slavery?
  • What part of Slavery does Hope Unlimited focus on?
  • What are CSEC and CSAM?
  • What precautions should parents take for their kids on social media?
  • How has social isolation due to COVID-19 affected their work?
  • What are some of their wins they’ve seen come from their work?
  • Why is the I-5 Corridor such a hotspot?
  • And do we need to be careful way out here on Camano Island?
  • What does Hope Unlimited teach at their seminars?
  • Why is Empathy so important?

Camano Island Locations Mentioned in this Episode:

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