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August 13, 2019

#6: TJ Fittis – Owner of Camano Island Coffee Roasters

TJ Fittis owns Camano Island Coffee Roasters, which he purchased from my father, and the founder Jeff Ericson. He started as a copywriter for Camano Island Coffee Roasters, but slowly worked his way up in the company, until he purchased the company from Jeff in April of 2019.
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Key Points of Interest:
  • Find out where TJ hails from…
  • Hear how TJ got started in Camano Island Coffee Roasters
  • Learn what relative job experience helped TJ succeed in the company
  • How has TJ continued to grow the company
  • What makes Camano Island Coffee Roasters different as a company as well as it’s coffee
  • Why Camano Island Coffee can’t be found in grocery stores (except locally in Stanwood and Camano)
  • Find out TJ’s favorite coffee that he carries, and also what his favorite brew method is.
  • What are the standards that Camano Island Coffee Roasters hold their coffee to?
  • What is one of Camano Island Coffee Roasters best kept secret blend?
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