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Camano Voice Podcast

August 21, 2019

#8: Lauren Breum – Founder of @Avabythebay

Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode:

Key Points of Interest:

  • Lauren went to Washington State University (WSU)
  • After WSU, she got involved with…
  • Where did Lauren get her inspiration for the name of the Instagram
  • Hear how and why Lauren got started in fashion
  • Good business advice on building her instagram following
  • Why did Lauren choose to focus on Instagram instead of a standard blog
  • Who was Lauren’s original photographer for her posts?
  • Lauren uses filters to keep the brand cohesive
  • Find out what the biggest struggle in starting Ava by the Bay?
  • How does Lauren get the right size on Amazon Fashion?
  • Lauren lists some great boutiques in Stanwood!
  • What is the biggest misconception in the fashion industry?
  • Lauren’s advice for non fashionable guys, such as myself

Camano Island Locations Mentioned in this Episode:

  • The lookout on Camano is not technically public property, so I am unable to list exactly where it is ????, but I can tell you it’s on the south end of the island

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