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September 3, 2019

#9: Mike Nestor – 3rd Generation Islander and Realtor at Windemere Realty

Mike Nestor is a third generation Islander and is also a realtor at Windemere Realty. But this guy has some stories to tell and you will not want to miss out on his crazy history of Camano Island, and how his family moved to the island!


Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode:

Key Points of Interest:

  • Here how Mike Nestor got his house on the island
  • He also served during the Vietnam War
  • Find out when Mike officially moved to Camano Island
  • What was the first venture that Mike went into on Camano Island
  • And why it no longer exists…
  • What are the biggest changes that Mike has noticed since being here
  • Mike sold the land for Camano Commons to Jeff Ericson but from whom?
  • How did Freedom Park Get its name?
  • When did schools start popping up on the island?
  • Where did Mike get the recipe for his Famous Caesar Dressing!
  • What disturbs Mike about Camano now…
  • Hear about the first Chili Chowder Cook off and how they kept it going after blowing the circuit!
  • Mike talks about aiming Camano in an artistic direction from the beginning

Camano Island Locations Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Lover’s Leap (Same spot as Lauren Breum’s Podcast (https://camanocommons.wpengine.com/ep8) But since it’s not public property, I cannot reveal the exact location, but it is on the south end of the island

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