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#19: Shaina Holbeck - Realtor at RE/MAX and President of Stanwood Chamber


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Shaina moved to Camano in middle school, and then moved away, and then returned to stay. She works as a realtor with RE/MAX, her and her husband started a businesses building custom homes, and is also the president of the Stanwood Chamber of Commerce.

Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode:

Key Points of Interest:

  • Find out why Shaina moved to the Island, and then moved away, and then moved back!
  • What university did she attend and what did she study?
  • Shaina talks about her initial career, but how she why she decided on another path
  • Despite moving onto a different career, she still loves diving into psychology and human behavior
  • Find out how she met her husband
  • How did Shaina get started in Real Estate? 
  • Also, her husband and Shaina have a their own real estate venture
  • After working as a barista for years, she eventually looked back into social services
  • She ended up not moving into social services, but ended up becoming a real estate agent at RE/MAX
  • How did her first customer go as a real estate agent?
  • Find out how she combined her barista and real estate careers?
  • Why did Shaina get involved with the Stanwood Chamber of Commerce?
  • How did she become the president of the Stanwood Chamber?
  • What are some of the biggest projects the Stanwood Chamber of Commerce?
  • How does the Stanwood Chamber interact with the Stanwood City Council?
  • How did Discover Port Susan evolve into Discover Stanwood Camano?
  • Has the old school mentality of Camano vs Stanwood died?
  • Check out the Discover Stanwood Camano Calendar!
  • What effects does a bedroom community have on events?
  • Has Shaina noticed a larger amount of families moving to the Stanwood area?
  • What is Shaina’s favorite event of the Stanwood Chamber of Commerce?
  • What does Shaina see the future of the Stanwood Chamber?

Camano Island Locations Mentioned in this Episode:

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