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#36: Mark Crawford - Vice President & GM of Smokey Point Concrete


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Mark took over Smokey Point Concrete as it was failing, and turned it around, and eventually sold it. He now is the Vice President and General Manager at the company.

Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode:

Key Points of Interest:

  • Find out where Mark grew up 
  • What sport helped Mark move to different colleges? 
  • What colleges did he attend and what did he study? 
  • How did he get started in ready-mix concrete? 
  • Follow the career path, and how did he get involved with Smokey Point Concrete? 
  • What was it like taking over a failing company? 
  • What were the steps he did to turn it around? 
  • What was his experience along the way? 
  • Was the building of a strong management team intentional or just happen? 
  • How many counties does Smokey Point Concrete serve? 
  • With his son, Craig, now works with in the business as well 
  • What are some of the challenges they’ve experienced? 
  • How did the sale of the company come about? 
  • How has his position changed since the acquisition? 
  • What is the future of Mark at Smokey Point Concrete? 

Camano Island Locations Mentioned in this Episode:

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